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Getting Started

This guide outlines the shortest path towards integrating support for the IMS Matchmaker into your game server.

  1. Configure the Game Client to send the Assignment Token to the Game Server when it connects.

    The Assignment Token is a JWT that describes details about the match that has been formed, including a list of all the expected players. It will typically look like a blob of indecipherable text, for example:


    The Game Client should send this exact value to the Game Server.

  2. Configure the Game Server to read the Assignment Token when a Game Client connects and verify it.

    The Assignment Token is a standard signed JWT. The Game Server should verify the Assignment Token has been signed correctly, has not expired, and that the aud value matches the server's ID.

  3. Configure the server for the described match.

    The Assignment Token describes the properties of the match, including a full list of players that are allowed to join and the teams they are in. The Game Server should use this information to accept/reject further connections from other clients. See the team assignment documentation for information on parsing this data.

  4. Shutdown when the match ends.

    This will ensure all users are disconnected and the resources for the game server can be reclaimed.