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IMS Zeuz

Before the IMS Matchmaker can assign matches to IMS Zeuz, you must have performed the following steps:

  1. Created an Allocation on IMS Zeuz, with:
    1. A Min payload value of at least 1.
    2. A configured port.
  2. Noted down the project ID - this will be a name of the form some-project-1234.
  3. Noted down the allocation ID - this will be a UUID of the form AAAABBBB-CCCC-DDDD-EEEE-FFFFGGGGHHHH.
  4. Noted down the port Name - this will be a generic string like default or http.

It is also worth verifying within the IMS zeuz web interface that the Allocation is in the Running state and that there is at least one Payload in the Ready state.

Minimal Example

Platform Configuration

For the platform configuration you require:

  • your IMS zeuz project ID (of the form some-project-1234)
  • the ID of the allocation that you wish servers to be assigned against (of the form AAAABBBB-CCCC-DDDD-EEEE-FFFFGGGGHHHH)
  • the port name (eg. default)
"id": "myproject.myplatform",
"name": "projects/myproject/platforms/myplatform",
"title": "My IMS Zeuz Platform",
"storc": {
"projectId": "some-project-1234",
"clientPort": "default"

Queue Configuration

For the queue configuration you only require the ID of the platform defined above (in this example, myproject.myplatform) which is then referenced via the platformReference key:

"id": "myproject.myproject.myqueue",
"title": "Queue Name",
"name": "projects/myproject/projects/myproject/queues/myqueue",
"active": true,
"platformReference": {
"name": "projects/myproject/platforms/myplatform"
"simple": {
"startSettings": {
"playersToAllocate": 2
"playerSettings": {
"teamCount": 2,
"playersPerTeam": 1,
"maxPlayers": 2