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For ease of management, it's possible to define game server platforms at the project level, allowing them to be configured in a single place and shared by multiple queues.

A queue can refer to a project-provided queue with the platformReference key:

"name": "projects/speedy-racer-1999/queues/solo",
"id": "speedy-racer-1999.solo",
"title": "Solo Queue",
"active": true,
"simple": {
"playerSettings": {
"maxPlayers": 1
"startSettings": {
"playersToAllocate": 1
"platformReference": {
"name": "projects/speedy-racer-1999/platforms/storc"

The related platform can then be defined:

"name": "projects/speedy-racer-1999/platforms/storc",
"id": "speedy-racer-1999.storc",
"title": "IMS zeuz provider",
"storc": {
"projectId": "speedy-racer-1999",
"allocationId": "a5c95500-bbe8-44d0-8381-35dc42cd3c46",
"clientPort": "GamePort"