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Arbitrary data can be persisted from payloads by creating artefacts.

Creating artefacts

An artefacts directory will be mounted on each payload. The directory path is defined in the system environment variable ARTEFACTS_DIR. You may choose to pass this environment variable as a command-line argument by wrapping it with $():

Pass EnvVar

All files written there by the payload will be automatically uploaded to permanent storage and can be retrieved using the Artefacts API or the IMS CLI. Updated files will be re-uploaded. Files written right before termination of the payload (e.g. crash dumps) will also get uploaded.

Uploaded artefacts are namespaced by allocation and payload ID.


Our service makes the best effort to upload artefacts created by a payload, but in very rare cases it may not be possible to fully upload some artefacts written right before it terminates, especially if they are very large.


Artefacts will be retained for 7 days after they are created, after which they will be deleted from the store.