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Metrics and logs

IMS zeuz exposes fined grained metrics, and we have health dashboards for all your allocations. All our metrics and logs are processed inside Grafana with a latency of around 15 seconds. You can also view a history of payload creations, reservations and terminations for your allocations which is useful for debugging.

You can access your Allocation metrics, logs or history from the console, the links will bring you to Grafana:

Allocation obs link

The same is correct for payloads, if you want to inspect a payload's Logs, use the link from the payload page

Payload obs link

Signing in to Grafana Cloud

To log in to your Grafana Cloud Dashboards, use one of the links in the Allocation or Payload dropdowns, or navigate to


When prompted, press Sign in with OAuth, and use the same sign-in method you are using to access the console. You do not have to register an account with

It will take up to 10 minutes for your access permissions to be synchronised after your very first log-in!

Grafana Cloud Login Screen

Logging best practices

IMS has two solutions: Grafana and log files. Each is optimised for their own use cases.


Grafana is for your day-to-day debugging and monitoring.

It allows filtering and querying logs in the UI, and downloading up to 5000 lines at a time. Each project has 150 GB logs per month limit. This is on average about 100 payloads each logging at 40 logs per minute, or 2000 payloads each logging at 2 logs per minute1.

If you go over this limit. You can choose to:

  • Trim down the logs, or
  • Pay an additional fee for extra Grafana logs, or
  • Use artefacts (see below).

Large log & other files

Larger files (such as core-dumps and player analytics) need to be persisted using the IMS artefact service. Artefacts allows you to store files within your payload and access them upon its termination.

  1. Assuming each log entry is 1000 bytes including 700 bytes of metadata.