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ims orchestration payload-local-api

Command to run a mock payload local API server locally.


The command allows you to start a mock instance of the payload local api. This is useful when you want to itterate on your game locally.

An optional config file can be provided which allows you to mock out the payload metadata and session config. It should be in the following format:

"payload_config": {
"metadata": {
"labels": {
"game_mode": "8v8"
"annotations": {
"game_data": "{\"foo\": \"bar\"}"
"session_config": "{\"game_length\":360,\"max_players\":12}"

Initially the payload state will be "Starting". You can then call the ready api which will set the state to "Ready". Then after a 10 second delay, the state will update to "Reserved".

ims orchestration payload-local-api [flags]


ims orchestration local-payload-api --payload-config ./config.json


  -h, --help                    help for payload-local-api
--payload-config string File path of the payload config file
--port string Port to run the mock payload local API server on (default "8080")

Options inherited from parent commands

      --ci                   include this when running in a CI environment, this switches to the IMS service account authentication flow
--config string config file location, defaults to $HOME/.ims
--output-type string command output type (human/json) (default "human")