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ims image publish

Upload your project's game server image and create a Game Image container.


Upload your project's game image to the Game Image Manager which then creates a container of the game image.

Note: name must be at most 128 lowercase alphanumeric or (._-) characters, and the combination of name + version must be unique.

ims image publish [flags]


ims image publish --project-id alpha-beta-123456 --name "server-image" --description "My first game" --version "v0.0.1" --directory ./game_server_assembly_folder


      --async                will exit the cli when the build has been triggered, rather than waiting for the build to complete
-D, --description string description of game image (required)
-d, --directory string directory of assembly to build
-h, --help help for publish
-i, --image string container image to publish
-n, --name string name of the game image. Used to group similar images together. If you only have one type of game image then the name flag can be omitted
--project-id string IMS project id to upload the game image to (required)
-v, --version string version of game image (required)

Options inherited from parent commands

      --ci                   include this when running in a CI environment, this switches to the IMS service account authentication flow
--config string config file location, defaults to $HOME/.ims
--output-type string command output type (human/json) (default "human")


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