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Improbable Multiplayer Services command line tool, provides tools to help manage and use IMS services.

How Do I Authenticate?

On a local developer machine

For services that require authentication a web browser window will open where you can log into your IMS account.

On a headless machine for example a CI job

For environments where a web browser cannot be accessed, e.g. a CI job, you must provide your OAuth credentials and service account refresh token for authentication. To do this, specify your OAuth credentials and service account refresh token in the following format inside $HOME/.ims (or you can specify a different config file path with the --config flag):

    oauth-client-id: "my-private-oauth-client"
oauth-secret: "secret"
oauth-refresh-token: "refresh-token"

Finally, tell the CLI to use this authentication method by setting the environment variable CI to TRUE (done for you on most CI providers) or append the --ci flag to your command.


      --ci                   include this when running in a CI environment, this switches to the IMS service account authentication flow
--config string config file location, defaults to $HOME/.ims
-h, --help help for ims
--output-type string command output type (human/json) (default "human")