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Downloading Game Images


The Image Manager implements the Docker V2 HTTP API spec meaning you can use the docker pull command with authentication to pull an Image from Image Manager to your machine. You can authenticate by using either an IMS User account or IMS Service Account.

If you have any problems with following the steps outlined here, reach out for help in the #ims-image-management channel.


In order to download an Image in the Image Manager you need the following tools:

  1. Docker Client.
  2. IMS CLI.

Docker Pull

  1. First you need to authenticate docker with the Image Manager, to do this we provide the ims image get-login-password command which will generate an access token that is valid for 20 minutes. You can then pipe the output into docker login --username gir --password-stdin (the username is always GIR).

    For example (using the default IMS web login flow):

    ims image get-login-password | docker login --username gir --password-stdin

    If you wish to use this from an environment where you can't open a web browser, you can use a service account for authentication via the --ci flag, for example:

    ims image get-login-password --ci | docker login --username gir --password-stdin

    For more information on the different authentication flows and how to set them up please see How Do I Authenticate?.

  2. Next, identify the Image you wish to pull using the image list CLI command and record the Image URL.

  3. Finally, you can pull the image by providing YOUR_IMAGE_URL.

    docker pull YOUR_IMAGE_URL