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Feature update - Payloads metrics and logs dashboard

· 2 min read
Ivo Timev

We've added a Grafana dashboard that displays a curated set of metrics we've identified best representing the performance of the payload, including:

  • CPU, memory and network metrics
  • Logs
  • OS level metrics, such as processes and threads

payloads table

Additionally, the "Custom" dropdown allows you to view any of the other available metrics for the payload. If you find anything unexpected in the metrics, you can use the logs panels available in the same dashboard to look for more information.


First find the payload that you want to investigate in the IMS console, then click Metrics.

payloads table


If you know the Allocation and payload ID, you can go to the Payload Dashboard and select the time range, Allocation ID and Payload from the dropdowns.

Alternatively, you can use the monitoring_link field in the Payload History dashboard. payload history

Please note that you will need to update the time range to zoom in.

Payload metrics overview

running payloads

The payload overview panel lists key metrics of both live and terminated payloads.

It locates at the bottom of the Game Overview dashboard, which you can access via the "Metrics" button from the allocation list in the web console.

You can click the payload ID to jump to the detailed Payload Dashboard.

Note: The list will only display payloads that were running at the end of the selected time range. Refer to the panel title for information on which payloads you are viewing.

Looking forward to seeing how you make use of this! We appreciate feedback on this and other topics. Please email us.