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Feature launch - Matchmaker Queue Player Count

· One min read
Callum Pearce
Akshat Tripathi

Up until now players who were queued in an IMS Matchmaker queue had no indication on whether they are likely to be formed into a match soon.

To address this, we have now introduced a new variable playerCount which states the number of players who are also in the same queue as the current player.

playerCount is returned as part of ClientStatusResponse messages whilst the player remains queued, for example:

"msg_type": "ClientStatusResponse",
"msg": {
"status": "Queued",
"latencyMS": 123,
"queue": {
"id": "<queue-id>",
"ticket": "<ticket-id>",
"queueDurationMillis": 11234,
"connection": "",
"token": "",
"playerCount": 8

For details on how to correctly integrate this feature into your game client check out our updated 'Getting Started' section of the matchmaker client integration guide.