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Feature launch - Advanced DDoS Protection

ยท One min read
Claus Strasburger

We are glad to announce the beta launch of our advanced DDoS protection for IMS game hosting.

Even though many game hosting providers come with some baseline DDoS attack protections, they are often ineffective against more sophisticated attacks. We have joined force with industry leading DDoS protection providers to give you a best-in-class solution.

The solution offers a network mitigation capacity of over 155 Tbps, instant threat detection, and a time to mitigate (TTM) under 3 seconds for most threats. It will protect your game against the most sophisticated and multi-vector DDoS attacks.

One click enablementโ€‹

To turn on the protection, you don't need to change any code. We will simply replace gameserver IP addresses with hostnames for your game clients to connect.

Tick the box Enable DDoS Protection on your allocation configuration, and all payloads starting after that will be protected!

Allocation Configuration

Multiple operation modesโ€‹

You can enable the protection all the time, or only when you're under attack. We'll gladly assist you in choosing the right way to balance the cost and player experience.

Try it today ๐Ÿš€โ€‹

Please talk to your account manager if you are interested in using this feature.