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IMS Documentation

Improbable Multiplayer Services

Game Server orchestration (IMS zeuz)

IMS zeuz is a dedicated game server hosting solution that deploys, operates, and scales bare-metal/cloud servers for multiplayer games.

Run your first game server - 15min ⏱️

Image Manager

Package, build, and manage your game server images, from your workstations or build agents.

Getting Started - 5min ⏱️


Connect players to suitable game servers with our integrated, highly customizable Matchmaker solution.

Getting Started - 5min ⏱️

Session Manager

Easily add custom multiplayer game sessions to your game running on IMS.

Getting Started - 5min ⏱️

Identity and Access

Authentication and Authorization for APIs and Services

Getting Started - 5min ⏱️

CLI Reference

CLI tool to help manage and use IMS services.

Download and Install